This is your Real Self: Which of your strengths support your vision of the future? What roles do you enjoy, and which of these provide meaning for you? What life experiences have shaped who you are? Finally, what might you need to change or do to bridge the gaps between where you are today and where you want to be in the coming months or years? Doing the exercises in session 5 will give you a deep sense of yourself; this self-awareness is essential for effective leadership.

Session 6: You will pull all your learning together to craft a plan for Intentional Change. Because the press of day-to-day work short-circuits many people's natural desire to grow, development doesn't just happen – you need conscious effort. Your plan for change will help you focus your energy and time on making your dreams come true.

Session 7: We will look at what it takes to create resonance in a group. We will present a few lessons on how to build a shared vision and engage people in collective action. You might use this process to create resonance with your team; the people you lead and with whom you work most closely. You may even decide to apply this process to a larger group – your organization or community. As you finish session 7, you will see that the end of this session is really the beginning of your journey. The journey propels you towards a meaningful future and resonant leadership through which you can have impact on the people and world around you in very positive way.

The Executive Coaching programme presented by Paramount Leadership addresses the following workplace skills:

• Leadership Development
• Personal Growth
• Emotional Intelligence
• Problem Solving
• Change Management
• Conflict Management
• Diversity Management
• Teamwork

With more emphasis on increased performance and maximum returns at the lowest cost, organizations are turning to a mixture of training solutions to achieve these organizational goals. Empowering employees to take control of their responsibilities and help improve business performance is a crucial aspect of organizational growth.
This personal choice is very significantly about what I like to call "a deep look into the mirror". A deep look in the mirror implies that you have the personal maturity, emotional capability and capacity to have real insight into your values, actions and the outcomes you manage to achieve in your everyday work life. This type of honesty, both it's constructive as well as its critical elements, is the seedbed to developing your own personal leadership skills. This is why leadership is often about individuals. Although we always say good leaders lead good teams, the starting point of good leadership is that look in the mirror to make sure that you understand why you have the role you do and how you can accelerate your own performance in the role that you currently have. Through the Executive Coaching programme we want to accelerate your personal growth and leadership capacity:

Session 1: After setting up our main ideas and our approach to leadership and learning;

Session 2: We start in session 2 by reflecting on what, exactly, it takes to be a resonant (significant) leader. A few exercises will help you consider who depends on you for guidance and inspiration, and how you lead people. We will also share exercises, stories, and our research about what great leaders think, feel and do. You will learn some common myths about leadership, the importance of emotional and social intelligence, and how good leaders manage the pressure and inevitable sacrifices of their roles through mindfulness, hope, compassion and renewal.

Session 3: We will share how to build your capacity for mindfulness. Some people use life's laboratory to learn and grow constantly they are awake, aware, and attuned to themselves, others, and the environment. But because even great leaders lose their way sometimes, we will explore wake-up calls – the messages that tell you that you are heading in the wrong direction.

Session 4: We will focus on the foundation of your leadership: Your strengths, your values, and the sense of purpose and meaning that fuels your desire to be a great leader and a great person. The outcome of this chapter is a personal, meaningful vision of yourself and your future – this is your Ideal Self and your desired future. Session 5: We will enable you to look at who you are now, as a leader and as a person.