The services and programmes proved by the Company includes:

Leadership Identification Programme
The purpose of this existing two day programme is to identify the potential leaders for next year's Student Counsel or Leadership Team for Schools. The programme is designed to promote the character and leadership qualities of the students. A detailed document with the conclusion of the programme is sent to the school that is used to announce their newly elected leaders.

Leadership Development Programme
The aim of this unique weekend programme is to develop the leadership potential of each student. Students are introduced to the dynamic subject of leadership and also skills development that include time management, conflict management and effective communication to name a few.
Paramount Coaching has succeeded in simplifying the life skills and leadership development process for schools through assembling three unique offerings that will ensure a remarkable difference in the training solutions we present:

  • An international value-added youth development programme
  • An effective professional volunteer network and; one-stop service approach.

For the past decade, we've been involved in personal development initiatives and at Paramount Leadership we define service as answering the question: WHAT DOES OUR CLIENT WANT, rather than the question "What development programme can we sell?". A tailor-made approach is important to ensure high value added service.